[HAM] Tone cabinet for RT-2

Justinhartz at aol.com Justinhartz at aol.com
Sat Jul 2 23:04:53 CDT 2005

Hello out there!
I've been reading, but haven't posted for awhile.
I have an RT-2 as my home practice instrument, paired with a  PR-40 tone 
The time has come do something about the tone  cabinet.
I know this may seem like heresy, but I'm considering  replacing the PR-40 
with something smaller that doesn't use  tubes.
The reason for this is the organ is in a very small practice  room and the 
tone cabinet is right next to my piano. I'm concerned about the  heat from the 
tube amp and adverse effects upon my piano.
Obviously, I don't need or want a lot of volume.
It there a Leslie model which would work for this  situation?
If so, what would be a fair price?
Thank you in advance, and Happy Independence Day!
Justin Hartz

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